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Popularization of health knowledge
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Designing Detoxification - Starting from Planning, Laying a Good Foundation for Home Health

1. Detoxification Heart Method - Let Wind and Sunlight Take away Indoor Chemical and Biological Pollutants

Nowadays, many people are paying more and more attention to ventilation and lighting in their houses, just like the first chapter of the ancestor's founding fate.
Sitting in the South and facing the north, besides introducing the south wind in summer, we should also introduce sunshine from the south of the northern hemisphere to make the house warm in winter and cool in summer.
Not easy to mildew Tibetan fungi, the most important thing is to let the air naturally take away the chemical and biological pollutants in the home through proper ventilation and window opening design

2. Detoxification Heart Method - The most important configuration of doors, windows and compartments, mechanical ventilation is the ultimate means
Through professional design techniques, there is no closed design in the compartment of the house, and each room should have at least two or more air outlets (such as doors or windows).
Natural ventilation can flow through every room through the window, which is a good recipe for permanent health care.

If the depth of the plane is too deep, the position of the window opening is not right, or the number of windows is not enough, the result is that the house is always stuffy and humid.
It is still possible to discuss with designers the ways of mechanical ventilation, such as all-heat exchangers (both energy-saving functions), small ventilation fans and so on.
Bathroom ventilation in old buildings or apartments is mostly confined space, when ventilation pipes are installed as floor emissions before the ceiling is sealed.
It can solve the problem of detoxification in indoor space.

3. A small reminder of Xianbao: ventilation and heat insulation should be considered together
Overheated environment can easily melt toxic substances into indoor space. Therefore, in planning space design, besides ventilation and lighting, it is better to insulate the room from heat.
Considering the way, for example, adding double-decked walls to the western sun, laying rubber PS insulating bricks on the top floor, or painting nano-insulating frost, etc., can all be reduced.
Indoor temperature makes it difficult for poisonous gases or substances to escape.
Building materials should be non-toxic - see the certification and sign, poisonous gas and gangsters do not enter the door

Non-toxic Heart Method-Selection of Green Building Material Label Material
In order to avoid the use of building materials such as formaldehyde and VOC, the general public will now try to designate designers to choose green building materials. But don't forget
Formaldehyde and VOC are not the only chemicals that can be found in wood, carpets, floors, paints, and even household cleaners and pesticides.
Quality. Therefore, in addition to fully communicating with the designer or manufacturer, it is also recommended to ask the other party to list detailed material use lists and price lists in order to be able to be home.
In the non-toxic cause, firmly guard.

Non-toxic Heart Method --"Clear Quantification" Decoration Method to Reduce Home Chemical Pollution Ratio
Because formaldehyde and VOC will appear in a large number of building materials, such as plates, coatings, adhesives, foams, carpets, etc., it is suggested that in the pursuit of non-toxic decoration process,
It is advisable to choose less glued products, such as log furniture with tenons or locking screws, or secondhand wood as decoration wall materials and furniture is very popular at present.
The o-called "lightweight" decoration method is a popular "lightweight decoration" in recent years. The design concept of using a small amount of wood + paint + exposed pipeline lighting is no longer adopted.
Stick to everything "packaged" light decoration, although always design thinking, but also because of the reduced use of materials, a large reduction in the proportion of chemical pollutants at home.