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Driving often encounters a flash of electronic eye, is it taken?
Update Time : 2019.03.29 View : 1036

When we drive on the road, we often find that we are blinked when we pass through the electronic eye. Does it feel very confused to blink? After each flash, did you glance at the dashboard to see the speed? Especially for many novice drivers, when this happens, they will surely worry about whether they are breaking the rules or not. So what the hell is this going on? Let's popularize the following edition~
In fact, flashing is the flash beside the electronic eye, which should be called the supplementary light accurately. This is the automatic flash with frequency. Its function is that the electronic eye is used to supplement the light when snapping, so that the snapped photos will be clearer, and the mistakes can be reduced when dealing with traffic violations. So being flashed does not mean violations.
Come back to popular science with electronic eyes:

Silver-white cuboid shape, through real-time capture of vehicles running red lights, retrograde, compaction lines and other violations, will generally take license plate photos, and will not prompt, never let go of any violations.
So, if you encounter an electronic eye flashing once, it's just that the electronic eye is working normally. If you don't violate the rules, you can ignore the past. But if you flash more than twice, you'll have to pay attention. You may have won. That is to say, if you drive in violation of the regulations, the traffic police will take the photos taken by the electronic eye as evidence to punish you.
Surely many old drivers have suffered from the loss of road cameras? The cameras on the road are almost the same, but some functions are different, and there are still many electronic eyes specially designed for violations such as running red lights, changing lanes at will, speeding and so on. For example, most of the cameras at the intersection of traffic lights are for capturing the traffic lights, while the cameras in the middle of the road are for speed measurement. What are the cameras that are used to capture violations? Keep your mind informed and you won't be so nervous driving.~
Stop snapping ball: The shape is spherical, mainly installed in the vicinity of the stop-break section, can automatically zoom, at least 200 meters can be seen, and very clear. Mainly capture illegal stop, retrograde, illegal diversion and other acts.
Gap monitoring system: Like a row of cameras across the road, the Gap monitoring system is used to capture whether it is speeding or not, and it is still a frontal snap. When the jack monitoring system is working, the flash will flash for a second, if it flashes twice, it means that it is speeding.
Interval Speed Camera: There are two cameras at the beginning and end of the speed measurement. This is to calculate the average speed of a certain length of distance through time, so as to detect whether you have exceeded the speed limit.
Mobile tachometer: used to capture speeding, can move more flexibly and concealed, many owners have suffered on this.
Now there are more and more cameras on the road, and the equipment is very advanced, once the violations occur, they will be photographed immediately. If you want to drive without being penalized, you should strictly restrict yourself. You should consciously abide by traffic regulations and drive safely in peacetime.