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Tire selection tips
Update Time : 2019.03.27 View : 1003

Many car owners always pay attention to various specifications of tyres when choosing tyres, such as the data of tyre specifications "205/55 R16", but they have no idea about the selling point of tyres. It can be said that few people know the secret of wear-resistant tires and sports tires.

So how do you choose tyres? How do you think a tire really fits? Xiaobian is here today to share with you how to choose tyres and how to look at them.

Wear resistance, see T value

Xiaobian has done such a survey: a combination of some relatives and friends to buy tires, basically thinking of the tires as wear-resistant as possible. The more wear-resistant the tyre, the better. To be honest, the metal is wear-resistant. Do you want to change it into an iron one?

Even if the tires are really so wear-resistant, can they not be replaced for ten years?

In fact, for different groups of people, tire wear requirements are different. The phrase "treadwear" has such a row of features on the tire, which is called tire wear index. Most of the tires on the market wear index before 150-550, the higher the wear resistance. And some tyres over 550 are usually used by domestic manufacturers "self-hey" or custom-made tyres, so ordinary car owners should not consider such tyres when choosing and purchasing them.

Look at the pattern design without noise

Every driver wants his car to be quiet and virgin, but in fact, there is no way to completely avoid all the tire noise.

In fact, fetal noise mainly comes from two aspects:

1. Noise generated by pattern slapping on the ground at low speed;

2. Structural noise in tyres and wheels due to ground roughness;

At the Luxembourg R&D Center in Goodyear, Xiaobian was shown the noise changes of tires on different roads.

The asymmetrical pattern blocks on tires are actually a means of reducing tire noise, which is called "variable pitch" pattern design in the industry. By adjusting the shape of the pattern, the size of the adjacent pattern is different, so as to disperse the noise, avoid the overlap of sound energy, and finally achieve the purpose of noise reduction.

The same color is the same size pattern block, which is arranged to cancel out the noise between the patterns.

Drainage performance of trench

First of all, the longitudinal main groove, there is no doubt that the more the main groove, the wider the drainage performance, the better, the transverse small oblique line is to cut off the water film. Along the wave shape of the main groove, or even the circumferential pattern, the corresponding groove depth of a complete small oblique line is different. The oblique line with the same groove depth has many irregular designs. There are also small tails with crown pattern on the shoulder, which are conducive to drainage. Some of them have a central strip pattern or even a small oblique line in the middle to ensure stable driving. High response speed and drainage

The Material of Curtain Cloth for Comfort

Now they are basically radial tires. R in the size 225/45R18 refers to radial tires. Ultra-abrasive bias tires are also available, abbreviated as B. It's still very wear-resistant, but it's basically used in trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles. The difference between the two is that the structure of the carcass cord layer is different.

At the Goodyear R&D Center in Luxembourg, the Material Engineer introduced the common and competition grade cord materials to Xiaobian.

In skeleton materials, generally used: nylon, steel wire, glass fiber, polyester and even carbon fibers and other materials, in addition to different materials, there are layers of each material. This will affect the tire's deformation, load-bearing capacity, comfort and maneuverability. Goodyear's Jiusheng series is reinforced with single-layer polyester, double-layer glass fibers and a nylon coat. The tire side uses double-layer polyester fiber as the deformation buffer, which ensures the anti-distortion under comfortable conditions, strengthens the weakest tire wall, and can also be more carried on complex road surface.