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After Tesla reduced its price, it decided to cancel its annual maintenance plan for all its models.
Update Time : 2019.03.27 View : 1049
Yesterday, Tagor saw a similar announcement, Tesla decided to cancel the annual maintenance plan for all its models. Tesla's reason for canceling the service is that because overtime or out-of-warranty maintenance of electric vehicles does not have any impact on vehicle life and performance, customers are required to enter the service center for maintenance only when certain computer failures cannot be defined.
At this time, many owners are somewhat puzzled, the annual maintenance plan said that cancel will be cancelled, the Tesla car owners do not make a fuss, after only encountering a failure to lie down in order to enter the shop quality assurance maintenance? As a benchmark brand of new energy vehicles, Tesla is doing this for the benefit of car owners or cost considerations? Today, Tago came to talk to the guys about what happened to the abrupt cancellation of the annual maintenance plan.
Tesla's cancellation of annual "physical examination" is not black Technolog
As owners all know, regular inspection and maintenance are the necessary means to ensure the normal operation of a car. This stereotyped thinking not only affects the car owners, but also troubles the R&D and Calibration Engineers of the host manufacturers, and Tesla's "deviance" is a different attempt.

 Automatic upgrade of main program
 For ordinary cars, vehicle program upgrade is usually to go to a 4S shop specially and spend several hours waiting for the car program upgrade to complete. Tesla, like Weilai, uses cloud upgrades, which means that it can also upgrade programs when it is in normal use, without having to wait for a 4S store.
In fact, the concept of automatic upgrade in the background of the system has long been applied on mobile phones and computers, that is, download the upgrade files in advance, and then automatically cover the updates in a relatively low frequency period of time. But the master also knows that this kind of upgrade patches will also have a certain "dead chance". Weilai's EP9 burst out that the vehicle upgrade took too long. As a result, "lai-in" lay on the news of Chang'an Street in front of Tian'anmen for two hours.
Real-time Sensor Recording
From the information on the official website, Tesla will add its own OTA software based on the automatic upload of traffic and fault data acquisition function. Such data can support technicians to diagnose faults remotely, and owners can also reduce waiting time to check in stores.
This makes Tagor always feel that, like those online clinics, the life signs data indicators of the gentlemen will automatically be aggregated into a cloud system, and then judged by a "doctor" who you do not know and do not know the qualifications. Although it is fast and convenient, it is actually very good for the technicians and honest system behind the curtain.

 "Cloud Assistant" Helps Car Owners to Remove Obstacles by themselves
Tesla's new function "Smart Alerts" (Intelligent Warning) system makes some simple repairs into tutorials for owners to solve step by step. Tesla after-sales maintenance technicians can also be contacted to provide telephone consultation or door-to-door maintenance services, and there is no need to enter the 4S shop for repair operations.
This function gives Tagor the feeling that the Angel Star on his car can be directly connected to customer service by pressing the Angel Star button whenever there is something wrong or need. It can also provide help and rescue. It is not a particularly intimate and high-end service.

In fact, from the three "new" services mentioned above, you can find that these so-called "innovation" is not a black technology concentration, but more to save the cost of setting up a network and a lot of human resources. Musk's way of hyping the concept of service is really deep.
New energy vehicles save more money? Relatively speaking
Apart from Tesla's abolition of the annual "physical examination" service, all manufacturers are hyping a concept called "total cost of ownership". Its main expression is that all the costs of new energy vehicles are cheaper than fuel vehicles throughout the life cycle. Is that true? Tag and the gentlemen had a good chat about it.

New energy vehicles are cheaper to maintain

There is no doubt that the electric vehicle has no engine. A series of consumables related to the engine, such as engine oil, transmission oil, three filters, intake and exhaust, have been removed from the natural engine. The only ones left are brake oil and coolant. The man didn't understand. Why do you want coolant without the engine? Coolant for new energy vehicles is used to cool drive clicks and battery packs.
There are still some advantages over Mercedes-Benz E maintenance costs in the whole cycle.
Overhaul time is longer than fuel car.
Because many mechanical moving parts have been cancelled in the new energy vehicles, the general failures will not be revealed in the direct actual driving. Batteries are the most important part of new energy vehicles. Battery packs generally consist of 1,000 18650 batteries. Once a failure occurs, they need to be checked and repaired immediately, otherwise there will be fire risk. Battery repairs are not like engine repairs, which are broken or replaced, open the hood and start repairing. Because the battery pack is usually set on the chassis of the vehicle, once it needs to be repaired, it becomes a time-consuming and laborious project. A single battery pack composed of dozens of 18650 batteries, the whole battery pack has dozens of independent battery packs, which can be checked for half a day. Are you going to change it directly? Get ready for half a new car.

 If the circuit goes wrong, it will burn easily.
Conductivity and insulation of high-voltage wire harness for new energy vehicles are very important. Generally, the quality of main engine factory is guaranteed for 5 years. Like the fuel supply system of fuel vehicles, high-voltage wire harness is related to the safety and driving quality of vehicles, and Tagor has said more than once that Tesla charges and uses vehicles when burned and self-contained.