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Test Engineer

Operating duty:

1. Analyse, design and compile test cases, build test environment, track product defects, improve and improve product quality.

2. Participate in product definition of smart hardware and wearable products. Give product suggestions and design test cases from QA point of view.

3. Testing of iOS, App and terminal products on the server side

4. Will undertake part of the work of product assistant and Project Assistant

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above

2. Experience in testing large software projects or products is preferred

3. Master software engineering ideas and methods, familiar with software development process, testing process

4. Excellent test case analysis and design capabilities

5. Be proficient in interface testing, functional testing, performance testing and other processes, methods and specifications, and be able to write test plans and test cases independently.

6. Experience in TDD, Agile Team is preferred

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