Lost Cain by T. Daniel Wright

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Published by Mockingbird Lane Press
Official Release Date: April 23, 2015

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Lost Cain

" Filled with vivid characters, tender storytelling and an eye for the humor in life's darkest moments, Lost Cain is funny and fearless – Southern through and through."
Linda Bloodworth-Thomason
    Creator, Designing Women

Cain McAllister is named after the tiny Delta town on the banks of the Mississippi where he was born. The infamous circumstances of his birth forever change the strong, troubled women who love him. Though he is shunned and bullied by the other children in town, when a new preacher and his family arrive, Cain finds what he has always longed for – a best friend.  Things take a deadly turn when a troubled young girl named Macy befriends them both and the town ignites into spiritual revival.  Distinctly Southern, “Lost Cain” is the kind of story that will make you laugh, then cry, then laugh again – a hilarious, tender look at a fading town struggling against both the encroaching waters of the Mississippi and the coming cultural change of the 1970’s.

“ Wright’s conjuring of such a massive point of turning in American culture felt both classic and at the same time, entirely original.” — Patrick Thomas, Milkweed